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The Ultimate Solution to protecting yourself, your home, and your family from the dangers of EMF and 5G

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EMF or electromagnetic frequencies are one of the most toxic elements in our living and work environments.

Due to the technical nature of accurately testing for them, and the training required to do so correctly, many of us resign ourselves to the fact that we just have to accept them, and the consequences they bring to use the modern technology on which we’ve come to depend.

I’m Luke Storey, lifestyle optimization and biohacking expert.

I’ve spent the past two decades refining the ultimate wellness lifestyle. My system combines primal health, and ancient spiritual practices with the most cutting-edge biohacking, and consciousness expanding technologies.  I’ve tenaciously applied the results of my field research and used them to not only completely transform my own life but also the lives of thousands of fans and followers through my various media channels and speaking engagements.

In 2016 I created the top rated The Life Stylist Podcast, which has featured hundreds of top experts in the fields of EMF, natural healing, and biohacking, including Dave Asprey, Dr. Jack Kruse, Ben Greenfield, Dr. Bruce Lipton, David Wolfe, and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

As a motivational speaker, I have appeared on stage with world-renowned thought leaders like Tim Ferris, and Neil Strauss.

I’ve been a speaker at such events and venues as Paleo Fx, Soho House, Attune by Living Wholly, Mercado Sagrado, Bulletproof Labs, and have presented intensive healing workshops at RA MA in Mallorca, Spain, NYC, and Venice, California. In 2019 I served as MC and speaker at London’s Health Optimisation Summit, presented in partnership with Upgrade Labs and Paleo Fx.

I’ve also been featured in The Hollywood Reporter, Men’s Fitness, and have appeared on numerous television shows, on the Style Network, VH1, and MTV.

One of my deepest passions is educating humanity about the health risks of EMF exposure, and mitigation.

This course represents everything I have learned in my past two decades of research.

Brian Hoyer is a world-renowned EMF specialist and founder of Shielded Healing.

Brian’s dive into health started when he became a father wanting to provide the most optimal growing environment for his family. His desire for them to thrive and devotion to discovering the truth drove him to find the most insightful and practical cutting-edge methods for addressing what’s going on in our bodies and environments.

Brian’s passion for learning about EMF led him to become a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, train with The Klinghardt Academy, and become a certified Geobiologist trained by a pioneering naturopathic and environmental medicine clinic in Austria that’s been addressing EMF and geopathic stress since 1983. 

Brian travels all over the US doing EMF assessments, speaking at conferences, and on such podcasts as The Ben Greenfield Podcast, The Primal Blueprint Podcast, The Wellness Mama Podcast. He’s also been featured many times on various platforms hosted by Dr. Joseph Mercola, who considers Brian to be one of the top experts in EMF mitigation.


Some recent studies in Nordic countries, where phones have been used longest, find that people who have used mobile phones for at least a decade have 30% to 200% more brain tumors than those without such use, and only on the side of the head where the user holds his or her phone.

Are you aware of the dangers of EMF exposure in your home but have no idea where to start when it comes to finding and fixing them?

Are you concerned about your exposure to the current 3G, 4G, and 5G wireless networks now activated in most major cities?

Have you attempted to test the levels yourself, with EMF meters you found online and become confused and frustrated?

Me too. That’s why I hired one of the top experts in EMF mitigation to come to do a full assessment of my home and to recommend how I can make my living space as healthy as possible.

My passion for getting educated on EMF, and working to avoid exposure as much as possible is born out of a three-year EMF nightmare I experienced by unknowingly living directly under two massive cell towers for three years.

During this period, my health took a dramatic turn for the worse, due to the incredibly high radiation levels I endured while living there.

My symptoms were constant and very disruptive to my life.



When I escaped the EMF hell I was living in, I was determined to find a home with low EMF levels, and to fix whatever sources of exposure I was able to discover along the way.

If you’re someone who has been negatively affected by EMF and want to ensure that your home or work environment is a place of healing and restoration, rather than a detriment to your health, this extensive video series is the answer you have been looking for.

If you’re unaware of what EMF’s are, or how to detect and fix them, you will find the answers you’re looking for in this easy to understand, and entertaining comprehensive overview.

In this 7 part video documentary series, you will follow world-renowned building biologist Brian Hoyer as he tests my entire home, room by room to determine the source and level of every known type of EMF.

Some of the familiar sources of EMF we find in the home are:
  • Nearby cell towers
  • WiFi Routers
  • WiFi-enabled heaters, speakers,
    and appliances
  • Computers, cell phones
  • Guitar amplifiers
  • Smart meters
  • Various biohacking devices
Types of EMF tested, and most common sources:
  • RF(Radio Frequencies)
  • Electric Fields
  • Dirty Electricity
  • Magnetic Fields
  • Geopathic Stress
  • Lighting Flicker


Before Edison’s light bulb there was very little electromagnetic radiation in our environment. The levels today are a lot higher than natural background levels and are growing rapidly because of all the new devices that emit this radiation.

By the end of this course...

you will be thoroughly educated on the various types, and sources of EMF commonly found in homes and the many mitigation tools and techniques available, thanks to the currently available cutting-edge technologies.

In addition to the over four hours of content in the series, you will also get access to the following six bonus videos, plus a useful PDF of all the products I recommend to fix your EMF issues.

The Ultimate Solution to protecting yourself, your home, and your family from the dangers of EMF and 5G

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“Based upon epidemiological studies there is consistent evidence of increased risk for brain tumors (glioma and acoustic neuroma)

associated with use of wireless phones. Urgent revision of current  guidelines for exposure to radiofrequency emission is needed.”

– LENNART HARDELL, MD, PhD, University Hospital, Orebro Sweden

Over 5 Hours of Video Content!


EMF Meter Breakdown

In this intro video, you’ll learn about all of the various testing equipment building biologists use to detect signals inside homes and businesses.

Many people find EMF meters confusing, and to get an accurate reading requires not only knowing what meters test for which types of frequencies, but also how to read them. The cost of the meters used in this video series is over $25k. You will learn not only what the professionals use, but also some of the more affordable readers available for the novice to get a general idea of where the trouble spots are in your location.



Magnetic Fields

Magnetic fields are often present in homes and are disruptive to health. The source of magnetic fields is often difficult to trace. Locating magnetic fields is challenging without the correct meters. It’s common to find magnetic fields not only inside buildings, but also in outside areas that are close to power lines, or other structures.

These fields are created by several sources, including dimmer switches, lighting fixtures, technology, appliances, nearby power lines, and faulty home wiring.

In this video, we check the magnetic fields in various locations inside the house, kitchen appliances, electric toothbrushes, hairdryers, guitar amplifiers, an ice bath, The Chili Pad sleep cooler, as well as some other biohacking devices.

At the end of the video, I show how you can quickly eliminate the sleep-disturbing blue light produced by electronics.



Dirty Electricity

Dirty electricity is a form of EMF that is prevalent in many homes and has multiple adverse health effects, including blood sugar disruption.

Dirty electricity is created by several sources, including the power lines coming into the house, nearby solar panels, various appliances, some light bulbs, dimmer switches, and wiring errors.

In this video, Brian demonstrates how to filter all of the dirty electricity using the Power Perfect filter, which attaches to your home’s breaker box. Filtering incoming electricity from power lines saves a tremendous amount of money due to its ability to power a home using much less energy.

In addition to filtering the incoming the dirty electricity from outside the house, you’ll also learn how to reduce dirty electricity produced by common household appliances using the Pure Power outlet plugins.



Electric Fields, The Risks of Earthing, And Light Flicker

In this video, Brian uses various meters to detect the levels and sources of electric fields, both on our bodies and in the home environment. This video focuses on the bed area, which is by far the most critical area of a home

Exposure to electric fields harm melatonin production, and as a result, sleep quality. It also causes muscle contraction and an increase in cortisol production, which also harms restorative sleep.

The solutions offered in this assessment include the importance of shielded electrical wiring and power cables.

We also examine the widespread practice of grounding and discover that it is not always a safe health practice.

We also test the flicker level of the various light sources in the home, including LED, halogen and incandescent bulbs, and indicator lights on electronics.



Geopathic Stress

This type of EMF is due to the magnetic field produced by the Earth, as it interacts with solar radiation produced by the sun. Gridlines of energy beneath buildings that emanate from the ground, penetrate through the floor and create chaotic energy that is disruptive to the body’s natural systems.

The ancient Chinese system of Feng Shui was used to avoid exposure to geopathic zones. Ancient Greeks, Indians, and Romans also had an awareness of this type of EMF and took significant measures to prevent building on areas where these grid lines were present.

Many property sites where large groups of people have become ill over time have been tested for geopathic stress and proven them to be present.

Geopathic stress is also one of the causes of jet lag and travel fatigue. To test for the grid lines, Brian uses the traditional method of dousing rods. Much to my disappointment, much energetic disturbance was found directly over the bed.

There are very few interventions to deal with this type of EMF, but thankfully Brian offers a practical solution.



Radio Frequencies (RF/Microwave Radiation)

Radio Frequencies (RF) are one of the most essential EMF’s to avoid, as the signals are transmitted by non-ionizing radiation. The adverse biological effects of RF exposure are widely known. They are responsible for several different health conditions, due to the impact they have on melatonin production, oxidative stress/inflammation, free radical production (due to the influx of calcium to the cell), blood sugar level elevation, and a host of other issues. 

Sources of RF include nearby cell towers, radar dishes, WiFi routers, and WiFi-enabled appliances and technology, cell phones and wireless devices, and smart meters. Radio frequencies pass through walls of all types, so, unfortunately, they very easily penetrate the body. 

In this video, Brian scans the bedroom, office/podcast studio, computers, cell phones, Sonos sound system, and a Dyson heater. It also demonstrates the dos and don’ts of using a grounding mat under the desk. 

Brian offers some useful mitigation tools to block RF using shielding paint, and various fabrics to create a faraday cage, or shielded space, inside a home or building.



Final Conclusion/Recommendations

In addition to leading a healthy lifestyle using nutrition, movement, and sleep hygiene, creating a home environment with low levels of EMF is perhaps the most critical. Living and working in a harmonious environment maximizes the positive effects of all the other healthy habits in practice.

In this video, we summarize the EMF assessment findings and break down the plan of action required to bring the levels down to a minimum.

Make sure to download the EMF mitigation guide for exclusive discounts and links to the products recommended in the assessment.


“One of the most serious environmental pollutants affecting the health of human populations and resulting in chronic illness is electrosmog.

A combination of low frequency electromagnetic fields, poor power quality, ground current and especially radio frequency and microwave radiation is making people sick. We have enough peer-reviewed scientific studies documenting the adverse effects, which include cancers, reproductive problems and symptoms of electrohypersensitivity. For governing bodies to promote practices, devices and legislation that reduce our exposure to these frequencies.”

–Magda Havis, PhD, Trent University, Canada

The Ultimate Solution to protecting yourself, your home, and your family from the dangers of EMF and 5G

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Bonus Video One: 5G Cell Tower Hunting in LA

Luke and Brian hit the streets of LA shooting cell phone video of all the different towers present on phone polls, buildings, street lights, and standard towers, to determine which type of towers emit 5G, and the other myriad of frequencies in the city environment. This video will shock some people, who have no idea of the dangerous levels of radiation around their cities, and also be a relief to some who have misidentified new tower types as 5G.

Bonus Video Two: How To Search For Nearby Cell Towers On The Internet

In this incredibly useful video, Brian teaches how to locate nearby cell towers using a website built to do just that. Driving around your neighborhood is a highly ineffective way to determine how close local cell towers are to your home or place of work because they are often hidden. This video will prove to be a valuable and easy to use resource for those who seek to choose where they live wisely.

In the video you will not only learn where the towers are near your home or work, but also which of the towers transmits the various frequencies of 3G, 4G, and 5G.

The city profiled in the video is Seattle, WA. By just researching one cell tower on the map, over 100 microwave signals were detected. There are dozens of similar towers in the area search indicating that there are likely thousands of transmitters littering the Seattle atmosphere with radiation.

Bonus Video Three: Somavedic EMF Protection

In bonus video three, we explore the benefits of creating a harmonious field in the home, car, and even while traveling using the Somavedic devices. The principle of Somavedic is derived from the comprehensive knowledge and many years of research relating mainly to the properties of minerals and the effect of their specific vibrations on the ambient environment and the human body.

Somavedic is designed on the principle of controlled release of energy from minerals. These include primarily semi-precious or precious stones in a particular configuration, which form the core of Somavedic.

Somavedic is a device that can reliably eliminate and then wholly remove unwanted influences of EMF radiation, geopathic stress, psychosomatic zones, water crosses, or Curry and Hartmann lines. It also reduces other negative impacts that affect the cellular structure of the physical body.

Its outstanding results are backed with excellent experience from many bioresonance centers, where Somavedic deployment in follow-up treatment has always provided for harmonization of the organs affected by a disease.

Bonus Video Four: BluShield EMF Protection

Bonus video four explores the various Blushield EMF-harmonizing Scalar Wave devices, including the auto, home, and pocket models. While Blushield devices don’t ‘block’ EMF in the sense that the fields are no longer present, they emit frequencies in harmony with the body, lessening the stress caused by EMF.

Scalar energy is considered, by the relatively (and shockingly) few who know it exists, as potentially the most significant discovery in the history of science. Mostly referred to by the term “scalar fields” or “scalar energy,” other words used to describe this property of the universe are information fields, longitudinal waves, zero-point energy, tachyon, orgone, radiant energy, gravitic waves, quintessence, standing waves, and Tesla fields. The subject of scalar ties intimately into quantum mechanics and quantum field theory.

Scalar fields exist as the informational/non-physical component of all matter, but in this article, we will be discussing them mainly concerning electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Every EM wave has a component called the transverse wave, and another element called the longitudinal (scalar) wave.

The scalar component of an electromagnetic field is about five times stronger than the transverse component. For example, if your EMF meter picks up 100 milligauss, this is just a reading of the transverse wave that emits a measurable frequency. The invisible scalar component will be around 500 milligauss.

Although scalar fields cannot be detected by a standard meter, they are readily picked up by living organisms. All living things produce scalar energy (called bio-scalar) and are sensitive to scalar energy in their environment. The Earth is continuously providing a variety of ever-changing scalar fields, with which our bodies have evolved.

Bonus Video Five: Defender Shield Cell Phone and Computer EMF Protection

Bonus video five is a lesson on how to use EMF emitting devices like laptops, cell phones, and headphones safely by limiting the levels of EMF to which we’re exposed. In a world where we depend on technology for communication, media, and commerce, most people can’t abandon their devices to avoid EMF completely.

This video features various tactics and products that allow you to take advantage of technology’s utility without compromising your health while doing so.

Much practical advice is offered, such as the best settings to use on your cell phone to minimize EMF, how to keep your phone EMF-proof near the bed, how to shield your laptop, and even use your phone close to your body while reducing EMF levels.

Bonus Video Six: Lambs EMF Protection Clothing

Bonus video six is a convenient guide to limiting EMF exposure to your body’s most critical parts- your brain and reproductive organs. By wearing EMF blocking clothing by LAMBS, Luke demonstrates how you can quickly habituate yourself to protecting these vital organs from exposure by wearing clothing made from cutting edge technology fabrics.

EMF-protective clothing will become commonplace, and more widely available in the coming years, as EMF education and environmental proliferation become more widespread. Now is a great time to be an early adopter of this lifestyle practice, and to continue to support innovations in the EMF protective clothing industry.

The Ultimate Solution to protecting yourself, your home, and your family from the dangers of EMF and 5G

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